"Dino Icthyo, power of the Ancients! Trident of the Tides! Dino Knight, ready!"


Dino Icthyo/I-Communis, nicknamed "Theo", is a female Dino Knight (and the last to be discovered) who moves around well in water because her creature form is an Ichthyosaurus. She wields the Icthyo Trident of the Tides and uses a bubble-themed attack on her enemies which she calls "Bubble Blast" and can also do a "Flipper Storm". Her legs can fold into a flipper to enable her to fight. Her fossil was worshipped by the people of Atlantis.

Appearances Edit

-Welcome Back Theo

-Dino Icthyo in a Pinch

-Invasion of the Bite Lice

-For the Earth