Daimond Ryugu

Diamond Ryugu
(Daimon Ryugu) is possibly the creator of Drago Wing, Gigano Dragon and the Drago Clones and not only that she is also the leader of the Dragozaurs, but also the main villian of the series as well.

Throughout most of the series, only her eyes are seen and her effeminate voice heard. When she is fully shown in battle on different occasions, she is a very large Ankylosaurus which breathes blue fire. Her warrior form comes out of the Ankylosaurus back, which gives her a centaur-like appearance.

Diamond Ryugu usually her minons, which include Dark Dragon, Drago Wing, Gigano Dragon, the Drago Clones and the Dragozaur Army Forces, to do her dirty work.

It becomes known that Daimond Ryugu devours Lifeforce in order to rule the universe.